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  • What are the benefits of installing Storage Molle Panel Shelf?
  • Installing a Storage Molle Panel Shelf specifically designed for the Toyota 4Runner (2010-2024) can significantly enhance the vehicle's storage capabilities, organization, and functionality, making it an excellent investment for 4Runner owners looking to optimize their cargo space.

  • 1.Vehicle-specific Fit: These shelves are designed to fit the interior dimensions of the Toyota 4Runner precisely, ensuring a snug and secure fit without any modifications required. This tailored fit optimizes space utilization and enhances the overall aesthetic of the vehicle's interior.
  • 2.Enhanced Organization: The Storage Molle Panel Shelf provides a structured and efficient way to organize gear, tools, and equipment within the 4Runner's cargo area. By utilizing the MOLLE system, users can attach various pouches, holders, and accessories to customize the storage setup according to their specific needs.
  • 3.Maximized Cargo Space: With the Molle Panel Shelf installed, the cargo area of the Toyota 4Runner can be optimized for maximum storage capacity. By utilizing the vertical space, users can free up valuable floor space while still keeping essential items easily accessible.
  • 4.Secure Storage: The Molle Panel Shelf offers a secure platform for storing items during transit, preventing them from shifting or rolling around in the cargo area. This helps maintain a tidy and organized space while also minimizing the risk of damage to both the stored items and the vehicle itself.
  • 5.Quick and Easy Access: By keeping items neatly organized and within reach, the Molle Panel Shelf allows for quick and easy access to gear, tools, and other essentials. This can be particularly beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts, off-road adventurers, and anyone who frequently uses their 4Runner for recreational activities or work-related tasks.
  • 6.Customization Options: With a wide range of compatible accessories available, users can customize their Molle Panel Shelf setup to suit their specific preferences and requirements. Whether it's attaching additional storage pouches, tool holders, or utility hooks, the versatility of the MOLLE system allows for endless customization possibilities.

  • Does it rattle? 
  • The Storage Molle Panel Shelf is designed to fit securely in your TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2010-2024 without rattling. Its sturdy construction and precise fit ensure a stable and quiet storage solution, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and noise-free driving experience even over rough terrain.

  • Does installation require drilling?
  • No, the installation of the Storage Molle Panel Shelf typically does not require drilling. Instead, it is designed to be easily installed using existing mounting points or hardware within your TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2010-2024. This ensures a straightforward and hassle-free installation process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the shelf without the need for extensive modifications to your vehicle.

product specifications
Product Name Storage Molle Panel Shelf For TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2010-2024
Brand CGZ
Material Aluminum alloy
Package includes Side panel*2, middle panel*2, metal pole*2, metal bracket*4
Porduct size 130*40CM
Weight Side panel: about 3.5KG, middle panel: about 5.5KG
Condition 100% Brand new
Installation location Car trunk/cargo box
Thickness 3MM
Load-bearing range Dynamic range: 20-30KG, Static range: 40-50KG
Drill Holes For Installation? NO, use the original car holes.
Is the middle panel height-adjustable? 3 height adjustments in total
Install Video

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